You Just Don’t Know How Strong You Are


Sometimes we just don’t understand how resourceful we are. In business the majority of us have focus, goals, aims and ambitions. Every now and again though life happens. These aims fall to the bottom of our list of priorities as we focus on other challenges that take place. It feels like we are fighting the battle every day.

I recently worked with a client who had been going through their own set of challenges. A hugely successful business owner had been stopped in his tracks by life events. Family problems and becoming over run with issues in the business had compounded to bring a unique set of challenging circumstances.

Our coaching centred on the business challenges and we’d meet regularly to discuss goals. When it became apparent he was becoming over run with other concerns it was time to get down to basics. It became apparent that his personal horizons were changing on a daily basis and so it became hard to do anything with the longer term in mind. Instead we worked on setting some short term goals; goals designed to get him from one month to the next, one day to the next.

Two days before an upcoming coaching meeting I received a phone call. “Paul, I’m really sorry but I think we should postpone, I don’t think I’ve done anything that we talked about last time and things have been very difficult this last month.”

“If you want to rearrange that’s fine but it might help just to have a catch up anyway. Forget the goals for now, let’s just meet for a coffee and go through what’s been happening in the business.”

So we met up and started talking. From the look on my clients face I could immediately tell he was actually relieved to be away from everything else and having a chance to unload. It’s always the job of the coach to provide non-judgemental listening with and empathetic approach, now more than ever.

I knew what the goals we’d spoken about previously were, so hidden into the conversation I happened to drop some questions indirectly related to these. I made a mental note of the progress.

As we came towards the end of the conversation I fed back my mental notes. “Do you realise that during the last month, without realising, you’ve hit all those goals that we discussed last month.” I then held the mirror up and repeated back what he’d told me. He was amazed.

We are a resilient breed. Programmed into many of us the ability to keep going when the chips are down. You’ll be amazed just what you can achieve even when you are struggling. It’s in our DNA, sometimes just some positive reinforcement is all we need to realise just how capable we are.

Have you ever beaten the odds to achieve a goal? Do you know someone who has carried on going despite challenges? I’d love to hear from you.


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