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Creating a Culture for Growth Training Programme:

Delivered February 2016

In-House Training Programme for the full Weighing Scales team. 

“Just to give you an update on where we are regarding the training and its effects/results so far.

The staff have been brilliant, each looking at their role and how they can contribute to the target. 

Each member of staff will have something positive to say at the next training session meeting regarding their contribution to the growth plan.

We have already had results financially. I also believe that your input from ‘outside’ has had a very positive effect particularly the e-mail you sent to individual staff members. The staff have really focused on their role and their contribution.

Janet Marsden, Director and Business Owner talking in May 2016

“Following your visit for team training last week I have taken it upon myself to try and implement new styles of thinking into my approach when speaking with customers. I have already seen results of this with a client this week and look to improve on this further in future meetings.

I see myself growing in confidence after all our meetings, and the results speak for themselves.

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Finally, it was great to see you get everyone contributing in the group training and talking confidently about their strengths and weaknesses.By addressing these, I can already see a difference in their mind set and their confidence with how they see their job role changing. The team is fully engaged and raring to go so I have no doubt Weighing Scales Ltd will continue to be a growing success”.


Daniel Wilmore, Technical Sales

“Just a little update after the training last week. 

Yesterday I decided to chase up a few old customers who no longer use us.

I sent them an email just reminding them of our services and hey presto one of them came back to me and I booked a £500 job in for them.

 I’m calling myself sales woman of the week.”

Selina Broderick, Service Co-Ordinator


Janet Marsden – Director at Weighing Scales Ltd, Nelson 



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Growth Mentoring intervention through Lancashire BOOST Feb 2015:

“Community & Business Partners matched us with a business mentor, Paul Aisthorpe of Imaginative Coaching. Paul worked with us for 12 hours of mentoring to develop a clear business strategy (and this support was fully funded so didn’t cost us anything). We also attended the interactive Skills Assist workshop on effectively developing staff to beat the competition.”

Early Impact:

“Paul’s input was vital, we now have a clear pathway to our goal of growing our business 20% year on year for the next 3 years. In fact the mentoring has been so successful we intend to retain Paul’s services in the coming year.”