Chantelle Lighting Ltd, Nelson




Growth Strategy Coaching through Growth Accelerator

Chantelle Lighting Ltd was founded by Anthony Holly 1990 and from a small retail shop has grown into a multi-million pound business employing over 25 people.

Prior to commencing work with Paul & Imaginative Coaching, Anthony had identified an opportunity in the marketplace and also had the insight that to grow his business, “bench strength” was an absolute necessity. At the same time it was critical that processes & systems continued to evolve to cope with change and realise the potential growth he had in mind.

The business had experienced several years of static growth yet more recently had started to experience more “buoyancy” in the marketplace. Anthony had established a new management team and felt that the business was now in a position to forge ahead with a clear strategy and support for him and his new management team.

Since starting work together the business has experienced significant year on year growth in both sales and profits, invested in new systems, recruited new senior people successfully and continue to increase opportunities.


Anthony Holly, Managing Director, Chantelle Lighting, Nelson (March 2016)

“Paul’s focus has been to help us take Chantelle to the next level, in terms of staffing, sales, products and targets. Paul’s guidance has helped us to train the team, allowing me to take a back seat, comfortable in the knowledge that my team are constantly driving the business forward.”



Lauren Holly, General Manager, Chantelle Ligimg_3716pshting, Nelson (March 2016)

“Working with Paul has really helped me to put a strategic plan in place, in order to strengthen and train my team. Paul helps with customer service training and putting targets in place, to help drive the business forward”



Kelli Keenan, Marketing Manager, Chantelle Lighting, Nelson (March 2016)


“Paul’s approach always left me feeling positive about how I could tackle the challenges in my role. Every session was productive.





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