Overcoming Negativity At Work With Imaginative Coaching Careers Coaching In Lancashire

Good morning and happy Friday. I’d like to start off by saying I hope you’ve all enjoyed a happy and positive week. Secondly, a big welcome to our third and final instalment in our series of three blogs focusing on workplace negativity and how to overcome it. As we have previously discussed, workplace negativity can have a prolonged negative effect on you personally as well as your working life. Overcoming this negativity is vital to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of yourself and your work alike. Thankfully for you, we at Imaginative Coaching offering careers coaching in Lancashire know several sensational solutions for you to follow to make sure workplace negativity remains low whereas productivity and satisfaction stays high.

After all the years of business coaching in Liverpool as well as careers coaching in Lancashire, we know the importance of not succumbing in the battle. By this, we mean don’t do anything in the heat of the moment you will later regret. Spread out your emotions and don’t allow your anger or sadness build up to a point of explosion which could leave you saying or doing something which would make you look the bad guy. By doing the opposite, you will stay in full control of your battle and only stand your ground at the right time.

Take it from our many years of experience offering careers coaching in Lancashire. Another way to easily control negativity around you at work is by setting boundaries. By this, I mean establishing how to rise above and become the better person which will ultimately allow you to read a person and a situation better and more efficiently. A resulting factor of setting boundaries is that you know when, where and why you have to communicate with a particular individual, meaning you need not come in contact with them if you it isn’t essential.

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By offering business coaching in Liverpool as well as careers coaching in Lancashire for numerous years now, Paul at Imaginative Coaching based in Lancashire knows from experience about workplace negativity. Another way to overcome negativity at work and life in general is to remain joyful and happy, regardless of what may stand in your way. It’s pretty self-explanatory that when you can’t be happy because of the actions of another individual, you are no longer in control of your own emotions.  Easier said than done you might be saying?

Imagine the last time you were working with and surrounded by positive people, working on a project or task …. remember the difference in motivations, performance and productivity… ?

When it comes to negative individuals, perhaps the alternative way to think is by not caring what or how they think of you, whether it be good or bad so when you accomplish something to be happy or proud about, you feel good about it and don’t let anybody change that.

One final and possibly the most important solution to workplace negativity is indeed forgiving, not forgetting. By doing so, you are letting go of what once was, putting it down to experience and looking positively to the future. Although we don’t need to dispense with the thought that this may happen again in future. This allows us to be more mentally prepared which allows you to deal with such a scenario better.

There you have it folks. In the past 3 blogs, we have discussed all things related to workplace negativity and the solutions needed to be undertaken by you to overcome negativity. By offering careers coaching in Lancashire for a number of years, I know just how important it is to overcome negativity in the workplace.

Considering some or all of the tips and techniques highlighted in these blogs are the first steps, putting them into practice the next and with personal development and careers coaching in Lancashire with Imaginative Coaching across the North West we can work together to create a new way of tackling workplace negativity and keep focus on achieving your career goals.

If you have any more questions or queries in relation to overcoming workplace negativity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Paul at Imaginative Coaching. Paul’s many years of business coaching in Liverpool & across the North West are sure to come in handy for you and your business.

Together we can beat workplace negativity!