Overcoming Negativity With Imaginative Coaching Career Coaching Services In The North West

Hello and welcome to the second instalment of our series of three blogs regarding workplace negativity from Imaginative Coaching who offer mentoring in the workplace in the North West. In the last post, we discussed the effect that workplace negativity can have on you and your mental wellbeing. Having already established that negativity in the workplace isn’t great, this blog will discuss several ways in which you can cope with and ultimately beat workplace negativity. By offering career coaching services in the North West for many years now, Paul Aisthorpe, a business mentor in Lancashire from Imaginative Coaching has experienced all kinds of workplace negativity and knows all kinds of solutions to overcome it.

Take it from Paul, a business mentor in Lancashire. One of the most successful solutions to negativity in the workplace is actually rising above it. I know that sometimes this can easier said than done, simply because of the irrationality of the situation but it really does help.  In fact, the more negative a person/people can be, the easier it can be to rise above. By not getting involved and remaining positive you can become a role model for others, providing an alternative way, influencing others to become more positive and join in with the fun times in the positive group. You’ll feel better about yourself and your working environment. On top of this, it’s also vitally important to stay aware of your emotions. If you didn’t, you could unknowingly let them build up and one day, without warning, they’d just explode which wouldn’t be good for anyone. The explosion of emotion would actually make things 10x worse. As an experienced company offering mentoring in the workplace in the North West, this is the worst thing you could do. Instead of this, it’d be better to personally regroup and devise a plan of how to overcome a situation with a clear mind. That way, you know that you will be making the right decision for all parties.

If You’re Looking For A Business Mentor In Lancashire To Help With Workplace Negativity, Paul Can Help!

A strange yet genuine way to help limit negativity in the workplace is cutting down on your caffeine intake. That’s right, cut down on your coffee. When you consume caffeine, your body produces adrenaline which enhances stimulants and makes you more confident. This would increase the chances of you saying or doing something in the moment that you would regret. It would also give source of negativity even more of a reason to be negative.

We all know that working hard all day can create fatigue. Working hard all day with negativity can be even more tiring, that’s why it’s essential to make the most of your sleep. By doing so, your brain is literally able to recharge and forget about all the negativity from the day prior.

By following the tips mentioned in the blog, Paul at Imaginative Coaching career coaching services in the North West guarantees that negativity in the workplace will become less and less of a problem. In the next and final instalment in the series, we’ll be talking about more marvellous methods to follow to reduce workplace negativity. If you have any more questions or if you are seeking a business mentor in Lancashire, contact Paul Aisthorpe at Imaginative Coaching mentoring in the workplace in the North West today. Together, our career coaching services in the North West are sure to help with any work related challenge you may have.