Meet Paul

Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer


Why Coaching Business Owners is important to me. 

The History

You might be wondering how someone who has grown a £16.2 million business is going to be able to understand and connect with the challenges of, for example, a crystal healer working from home trying to juggle the demands of business and young children.

Equally, if you’re running a large, stable corporation with a nationwide team of 500 people, you may wonder what expertise a sole trader with only the immediate responsibilities of working directly with clients and strategic collaborators would have to offer you.

But the truth is that in my varied 30 year career in top level management and small business owner following my dreams in my coaching business, I have been exactly where you are, at every single stage of your journey.

What we all have in common as entrepreneurs and leaders is knowing that running a business is a journey of immense self development, confidence and transformation.

What I learned?

As a coach and trainer, it is my role to help you get the best out of yourself, and go further than you thought you could, via the fastest and most efficient route for you. You see, at every level of business, most of us will reach a road block at some stage.

This has nothing to do with how successful, talented or knowledgeable we are. It’s just a simple fact that at every new crossroads we reach, we have to move beyond our comfort zone.

Why? In order to step into the happiest, most productive, organised, charismatic version of ourselves we can possibly be.

I became a coach, officially, in 2014, having spent the first part of my career learning about all aspects of business, sales, management and team work in hospitality, banking and the food service industry.

From 2003 I brought my varied experience into my work as a Manager and Director during my 18 years with one of the largest commercial catering suppliers in the North of England.

I went on to spend some time working with Dale Carnegie Training, a global giant in the training and coaching world.

Through this experience, I soon began to realise that I had been a natural coach throughout my working life without even realising it.

Putting Experience into Practice

Since then I have worked with more than fifty coaching clients in over 20 industry sectors ranging from social care to IT, and from small local charities to large corporations. I know that promoting a coaching culture within the workplace and creating people focused businesses is the best way to success and true sustainability.

I was delighted to receive a Best Newcomer Award as a Growth Mentor with Community & Business Partners, Blackburn in November 2014 and I am pleased to be continuing working with them as well as my work as a Student Mentor at Lancaster University.

I worked with many clients through the UK Government’s Growth Accelerator Scheme until the funded scheme became part of the Government programme of cut-backs.

Whilst working as a Business Coach in Lancashire and with funded and subsidised Business Support programmes there have been many successes, happy clients and growth in business metrics and personal achievements.

Having spent my career supporting and motivating my co-workers and clients to reach their best performance and transforming companies to reach unprecedented results has been rewarding.

It may, however, surprise you to know that I am not just motivated by driving sales, increasing turnover or multiplying productivity, although I have achieved all those things. For me, these are outcomes from creating an environment for people to be the best they can be.

And the real reason

The truth is, the driving force at the heart of everything I have achieved has been my passion for people. Watching people grow in self esteem, harness their power of communication and start believing in their unique talents has been the most rewarding aspect of my work.

And of course, when people feel in touch with their dreams and goals, have a strategy in place to achieve them and feel motivated and ready to tap into their best selves to get there. That is when we can move mountains, whether as a team, a brand or an individual.

No matter who you are, what your business is or what your current level of turnover is, my role as a coach is to support you to find the best route to getting where you want to go.

The by-product is that success can become a surprisingly addictive habit, especially once you’ve faced your fears, roadblocks and limiting beliefs head on and seen a glimpse of how capable and ready for new victories you actually are.

After all, 70% of how a brand or business is perceived is based on their customers (or prospective customers) experiences with their people.

Why not contact me today for an informal chat about how I can help you reach your Business and Personal goals and become the best you and you?

Wishing you all the success you deserve.

Paul Aisthorpe.