Creating a Culture for Growth:Perspective


Creating a Growth Focused Culture

This post is the first in a series of posts relating to Creating a Culture for Growth. Prompted by today’s result and a reflection on past experiences.

Undoubtedly, today’s result will have implications. We must remind ourselves, however, that the debate on political and economic unions is not a new one.

The fact we are a democratic society and we turned out in numbers to have our say should be embraced by political & business leaders and seen as an opportunity.

Reading one of my previous posts also reminded me of how resilient we are. We manage through change, we not only survive, we come out stronger.

The worst recession most of the working population have experienced didn’t beat business growth. Surely, we won’t let Brexit affect our goals for economic growth. We will find a way to create an opportunity from this.

For business it’s maintaining a focus on creating a Culture for Growth.

Why is Culture so important?

Regardless of the challenges of the economy, recession, uncertain times, the pace of change has quickened. An organisations culture, based on a set of values, can be the one thing that remains constant in an ever changing world.

What do we mean workplace culture? By definition, does it describe “how things are done around here” and the habitual practices of people throughout every level and in every department?

If we agree this is what we mean by workplace culture, then creating a culture where everyone in the business:

  • Is aware of how their role contributes towards growth
  • Acknowledges & embraces the responsibility they have to contribute
  • Understands that the business needs to be agile and flexible and how this impacts on their role
  • Actively takes responsibility for developing strong, collaborative relationships with their colleagues
  • Actively seeks out ways to positively contribute towards the growth of the business

How this impacts on Business Strategy


Visionary leadership, with the ability to connect and communicate with the people at all levels inside and outside of the business, creating united teams is vitally important.

Given that change is inevitable and more frequent, organisations need to be adaptable, agile and flexible and Leaders able to inspire people to follow, giving belief in the strategies.

Operational Effectiveness & Structure

Find the right level of structure for your business. One which allows the business and it’s leaders to be adaptable, flexible and agile during changing times yet lean and efficient at the same time.

Creativity and Innovation

In changing times creativity and innovation is the fuel of business champions.

Create an environment and culture for people to be successful. Communicate with those people who matter the most in your business…. customers and staff.

Develop processes which allow involvement and inclusion of customers and staff in the business in it’s continuous improvement.

People Power

People make any business work. It is widely researched and reported that at least 70% of how your business (and brand) is perceived by your customers and future customers, is based on the experiences they have with your people.

When your people believe in what the Leaders are trying to achieve, have a strong, positive working relationship with their immediate leader and feel they are working in an environment where they can excel and achieve, then your business will achieve regardless of any economic turbulence.

How would we conclude?

Invest wisely through recessions, economic turbulence, changing times, call it what you will.

Invest in yourself as Business Leader. Take time to look at what your business needs from you to be successful.

Invest in communicating with your customer, even more so than you have done before….. and listen.

Invest in talking to your people, support them and give them the tools to do the job you ask of them….. and listen.

Imagine the feeling when you know your team of people are all with you and contributing towards growth, even in the toughest times.

I work with ambitious business owners with a strong will to succeed. It would be great to hear other business owners stories as we go along.