Creating a Culture of Growth: Square Pegs and Round Holes?


Creating Growth from Strong Customer Service

At a recent meeting with a long-standing client, we reflected on recent success and how delighted they are with the growth and progress of their team.

With customer service high on their agenda, many loyal customers and high retention of customers, the business had recruited people with a keen desire to do the very best to satisfy the Customer.

I wrote a post recently which spoke about the power of strong customer service and how this plays a significant part in growing any business.

So, like many small businesses, the opportunity my client faced some 12 months ago was how to take this platform of strong Customer Service and develop strong sustainable growth.

The Challenges We reflected on the challenges we faced when we started the conversation about developing a sales strategy. At that time the business had one genuinely experienced sales person, one of the Directors.

The goal was to develop the sales function within the business and we had looked around the small team of people and saw engineers, admin and finance strengths.

Despite all of them being a real asset to the business, and highly motivated & engaged, none of the team saw themselves as “sales people”.

Perhaps, we needed to look outside the business for our next sales person…. or did we?

The Goal

The business owners decided that the team of people they had with them were so capable, with so much potential, that they wanted to develop them into a highly effective team who all contributed to the sales process and growth.

Every member of the team had some level of interaction and contact with either existing customers and prospective customers and through their role could contribute towards growth.

Our goal was to train, develop, encourage and support the team in contributing to that growth in how they went about their jobs.

The Process

  1. We shared the vision and established goals.
  2. Created a new technical sales role.
  3. Adopted a recruit on attitude, train for skills approach
  4. Identified the right candidate and recruited from within the team.
  5. Put in place a programme of training and coaching support for the new Technical Sales person.
  6. Developed a training programme for the entire team focused on “Building a Culture for Growth”
  7. Developed a reward and recognition system for role contribution to growth.

The Results

  • Ahead of sales and profit forecast; for financial year so far.
  • Increased number of sales opportunities; developed from within the business from every person in every role. From engineers to admin to marketing and finance, everyone contributes.
  • A highly motivated, capable technical sales person; trained, supported and confident in generating new sales opportunities.
  • Customer Service: stronger than ever before

Morale to the Story

Creating a culture of growth requires high levels of engagement amongst your people and teams. Inspiring, visionary Leadership is vital to achieve this.

Managing a change to roles and responsibilities and developing non-sales people to play a part or contribute to the sales process is possible and can be highly effective.

Like the team of people working for my client, we all have the ability to adapt, step outside our comfort zone to develop ourselves and support our colleagues, given the right training and coaching.

The results are clear to be seen when it comes to my client and the culture they have created will benefit every aspect of their business as they continue to grow and recruit new people.

Imagine how your business would develop with everyone in your business powering up your sales engine?