Our Business Values

Business Values, what do we mean?

Interestingly, many organisations, including Forbes have written about the principles of organisational cultures. From my research it appears there are several common denominators, one being values.

To understand where my values come from it’s important to understand the Vision I have for Imaginative Coaching. Whether you are on your own embarking on an exciting Start-Up business process or a Director of a multi-million pound business,  you all have something in common. You have aspirations to grow, evolve, achieve or transition.

As I was establishing Imaginative Coaching and reflecting on 30 years of working in a variety of businesses for numerous managers and leaders, it struck me that my values have remained constant since my first day in work.


From a foundation of open transparent and honest communication, building capability to connect and communicate with other people inside and outside of the business. Connecting implies trust and imagine the possibilities where there is a foundation of trust.



Hand with marker is drawing Action change things on the transparent white board.Achievement through Action

Planning is important yet taking action changes things and if we want to achieve new goals we need to change the way we do things.
So, taking responsibility and being dynamic are key ingredients in the way we work together.



Taking pride and ownership of tasks, objectives and goals means higher rates of success. Whilst working with clients we also practice humility in so much that taking accountability does not always lead to success. Taking responsibility for our failings as much as achieving success makes for great leadership.



Joining forces to achieve great things both with colleagues and with business partners or associates. The clients I work with embrace the chance to collaborate, particularly those small to medium sized businesses where collaboration is the key to competing.   


Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and Creativity is the fuel of the growth engine in any business. The fuel of business champions. Together we work hard on keeping the right balance between the structure you need in business to be efficient retaining the ability to be innovative and creative in order to be effective. 

In conclusion:

My values will be similar and different to others. In essence these values have served me well over many years and allowed sustainable success and to create a culture focused on growth within the businesses and have worked or have supported in coaching.