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Business Training

Recently (last 20 years) theories have developed around the way we learn and develop our skills. To a large extent, some say around 70%, we learn and develop mainly from our experiences.

The rest requires interaction with others in a social, coaching or mentoring context perhaps and also in the classroom or through reading.

Since the start of my Management career and my passion to support others succeed using a blended approach using coaching, mentoring and training has been at the core of my leadership style.

Bringing this approach, through Imaginative Coaching you and your business can access a blended approach to your own and your team’s learning and development.

Understanding how time is precious in business Imaginative Coaching has partnered with a Lancashire based businesses to bring ways of learning and developing the people in your business affordably and with minimum impact on business operations. At the same time, giving you credible training certified by Nationally recognised authorities.

Coaching and Mentoring are core activities which are proven to have powerful impacts. To add value and compliment our coaching we a now delighted to offer a range of carefully selected on-line short and interactive training courses. Click here for more details.

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A significant amount of Business Training is not aligned to strategic goals and motivation for training generally comes from business growth and/or as a result of some change occurring in the business.

Depending upon the size of your business and nature of the need, I work with businesses using various methods and tools to assess training needs. Let’s not waste your money or time on training that may not be necessary.

For a free consultation to discuss your training needs feel free to contact me.