Corporate: Business Coaching for Leaders

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Corporate: Leadership Coaching

“Effective leaders allow great people to do the work they were born to do.” Warren G. Bennis

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Solomon in Proverbs 29:18

Do you know what’s going on at every level of your business, from the shop floor to the board?

If my long career as a Director and Manager taught me just one thing, it is that great leadership begins and ends with people. Experiencing Leadership Coaching from an early stage in my management career was invaluable.


This is a great quote and let’s not forget the power of diversity in the workplace.

Regardless of your gender, race or religious beliefs (as some examples) integrity and the ability to affect those around us positively are qualities associated with great leaders.

Connecting with people, investing in people, and ultimately, listening to people.

The problem is that when you’re overloaded with pressure responsibility, it can be easy to forget what’s really important, both in terms of your own values and the values of the business.

When the message from the top is unclear or there are fractures at management level, the company can slowly, insidiously start to fall apart, often without anyone really noticing until it’s too late. I have seen this happen in some of the most outwardly secure and profitable businesses I’ve known, and I can say with absolute confidence that keeping a strong, enthusiastic team together with an effortless sense of the brand’s values and mission ALWAYS starts with great leadership.


As the world changes, people’s expectations of big business are also changing. Trust and transparency is integral to a happy, engaged team…and leadership styles are changing to reflect this shift.

You may already be realising that leadership coaching & development needs to be high on your strategy agenda. When over 90% of business training is not aligned to strategic business goals, it’s vital to take stock and understand why we feel the need to invest in development and where?

Through Leadership Coaching, I can help you define your goals for the business, your values as a leader and the people-focused strategies you need to get every department of your business in harmony, bringing success and efficiency at every level.

Let’s support your business strategy and be really effective with our development programme for your leaders and managers. Using the powerful Business Culture Assessment tool, ICOM4, we can gather some smart data providing us with a pulse check as to the alignment of your management team to your strategic business goals.


Once we have a clear understanding of how the business culture has been developing I can offer you my own tried and tested corporate leadership coaching programmes or create a bespoke package especially for you and your team of leaders and managers.

Where we need some expertise in a specific business area, I work with a number of credible and successful business coaches, consultants and trainers which I can recommend when appropriate.


Contact me today for an informal chat about how I can help you bring out the best in yourself as a leader, and your team as individuals.