Business Coaching: SME’s & Larger Organisations

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What’s Going on in Your Business That You Don’t Know About?

Do your employees feel a part of your brand?

Where do they see themselves in the future, and does that fit in with where they see the company going?

Do they feel appreciated for what they do?

Do you know the themes of your team’s water cooler conversations?

Do you have a brand vision, and if so, do your team know what it is?

How much time are your senior people spending on driving growth and focusing on the strategic direction of your business?

A tailored package of tried and tested support from Imaginative Coaching will:

  • Give you a truthful picture of how aligned your team are with the values of your brand
  • Show you a clear path to improving and upgrading your brand strategy
  • Renew your passion for your business
  • Supercharge your team’s productivity, motivation and sense of their individual contribution
  • Help you develop a rock solid brand vision across every team and department
  • Give you the building blocks to create the turnover, growth and brand reputation you’ve only ever dreamed of

Why is this important in Business Coaching?

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The questions above are important to answer as unearth the opportunities for growth the answers will give us. When Business Coaching clients take the courageous steps to finding out the answers to these questions, only then can they start to move forward onto another level.

Let’s be honest, there are times when you can end up becoming so busy with organisational tasks that your understanding of the priorities, challenges and tasks of your employees can become clouded.

Unfortunately, this is when things can slowly, start to affect business performance, without any clear catalyst.

Communication between departments becomes challenging.  People are overlooked for promotion who feel they should have been the first in the queue. You don’t notice where people’s skills could be better employed. As a result and slowly, the brand vision becomes obscured as the company becomes more functional and less people-focused.

You see, in my experience, businesses are like people. Each business has a distinct personality, and that personality comes from the people employed by the business. Each employee or department is like a vital organ or process of the human body. When one becomes out of sync or less healthy than the others, there is a chain reaction. Without attention and focus, the heart of the business eventually stops beating.

Studies have revealed that 70% of brand perception comes from how customers and prospective customers experience the people within the business.

Business Coaching will help decide or clarify how you want the personality of your brand to be perceived now and in the future. Having a consistent, focused vision throughout your team, could save you and your business a mountain of time, effort and damage limitation in the future. It could even create the necessary changes to create the kind of expansion and new opportunities you’d never even dreamed of.

Are You Aware Of The Impact working with A Business Coach In Lancashire Can Have On Your Company?

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The key findings of a study presented at the 2014 British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference showed that the impact of coaching on performance is even greater than training or 360 degree feedback.

Similarly, a 2014 CIPD survey found that more than three quarters of organisations now offer some form of coaching or mentoring – and that coaching is the most effective form of learning initiative among its adherents, ahead of e-learning, buddying or high potential schemes.

Business Coaching is the core of my work at Imaginative Coaching. I have coached clients from over 20 industry sectors towards growth, success and a coherent brand identity. I also have the irreplaceable, MBA level experience of pushing a company forward to achieve £6.2 million in annual growth to become industry leaders in their region.

Establishing and supporting my team towards their individual goals within the shared vision of the brand. This was a key focus for me during this time and how I helped to achieve this. I am passionate about helping you get the same results.

Please contact me today to learn more about the support available and bespoke packages available.